MyLifeDesignFoundation signed with UNHCR the Coalition Commitment #WithRefugees Coalition

Given the commitment of  My Life Design Foundation to social improvement, we are honored to form part of the Coalition Commitment signed with UNHCR to joining the 100 other organizations, Academics, Corporations and Faith Groups who are part of the #WithRefugees Coalition  

My Life Design Foundation supports this cause through actions and dissemination events such as the International Day of Forgiveness 2018 that will take place in Rome, London and New York with the participation of personalities and leaders in the field of science, education, culture and art engaged in the diffusion of reconciliation and integration that, through their image and action, choose to show solidarity with the #WithRefugees cause as ambassadors with MyLifeDesign Foundation and UNHCR.

The Foundation will also make available its expertise and human resources through the implementation of the ForGiveness ForRefugees pilot project with the methodology of the​ International School of Forgiveness.

As UNHCR Delegate for South Europe, Stephane Jacquemet, highlighted during the award of the Ambassador of Forgiveness at the International Day of Gift 2017:

"For the refugee, it is crucial to face a path of forgiveness, including self-forgiveness, because only in this way can he/she really hope to start all over again. The ability to forgive and to establish a peaceful coexistence with those who have hurt us, are equally important for refugees who come back to their country at the end of a conflict. Returning to a country immediately after decades of war is a major challenge, especially after experiencing a life in exile in a new context with different social and economic values. Competition for scarce resources, especially water, may be another reason for friction between various communities or religious and ethnic groups returning to their home country, creating a serious obstacle to the process of reintegration". 

ForGiveness ForRefugees is therefore born as a pilot training and educational project to support the painful and severe process of overcoming the depressive phase and guilt, often resulting from a trauma such as the escape from home and permanence in another country. It focuses on the development of the life skills needed to undergo rehabilitation and preparation for a subsequent return to home and / or inclusion in a new cultural and life reality. The project will be presented on the opening day of the International Day of For-Giveness and implemented in one of the UNHCR refugees centers.

Support with MyLifeDesign Foundation and UNHCR the cause of the refugees.

Stay with us. Stay with refugees.