ESADE: Spirituality and Creativity in Management World Congress

“New vision, New Leaders” , “Forgiveness and Management”

On the 23rd and 24th of April, Daniel Lumera presented two papers in the Spirituality and Creativity in Management World Congress of the business school ESADE. With the degrees " New visions, New leaders " and " Forgiveness and Management " going deeply in the importance of the forgiveness in the managerial world and in the new type of businessman.

" The conscious businessman is that one that has a few deep aspirations of personal evolution, which has matured or they are maturing a spiritual vision of the managerial activity. For this type of businessman the personal growth and that of his business coincides with the spiritual values most raised as the love, the forgiveness, the happiness and the peace.   This type of businessman sees the company as a reflection of the level of inner consciousness. Capital coincides with consciousness; profits and profitability go hand in hand with a real spiritual goal. Entrepreneurship is a way to improve the world and to achieve and express a higher level of consciousness." Daniel Lumera