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Why a World Day on Forgiveness

Why a World Day on Forgiveness

My Life Design Foundation is the promoter of a culture based on forgiveness, value that spreads peace and cooperation, able to break the chains of suffering. The Foundation is on the frontline on the diffusion of a culture of cooperation and nonviolence. International Day of Forgiveness at the Capitol Protomoteca: it will be an intercultural meeting, dedicated to forgiveness as a bridge across consciousness and souls, for a culture of peace and awareness.


Conflict is an integral part of our society's dynamics. It occurs in all spheres of human activity; from individual to intergovernmental global relations. The way in which society manages conflict is an important indicator of its maturity. New paradigms are needed, consistent with a new level of individual and collective awareness. The rejection of violence is becoming evermore consolidated though relational mechanisms based on the celebration of diversity. Since the old individualistic paradigm based exclusively on consumption, competition and material wellbeing is no longer suitable, a new model of education is now needed.

The level of awareness of a growing mass of individuals – all over the planet – is igniting new forms of fulfilment, wellbeing and human coexistence. This context allows for a personal, relational and collective work, based on forgiveness and its power to free from suffering, heal relationships and guide the human being on a journey of self-realization. Future generations need to be freed from the burden of resentment, due to our past and present conflicts. Only through maturity, heightened awareness and generosity of an awakened consciousness, can this path be taken, the main pillars of which are responsibility and forgiveness for true individual and collective freedom. 

The idea

Forgiveness is a skill, an essential tool for realizing the universal value of peace. As human beings it is our duty to form new generations who live and transmit forgiveness as a social skill in life, an evolutionary strategy necessary for health and wellbeing. The correct process of forgiveness is a workout for the brain for developing basic skills in the personal, relational and social sphere.

Turning problems into resources, managing conflicts, developing mature empathy, and building a peaceful culture based on values of cooperation are all qualities required by new leaders. Over recent years, interest in forgiveness has grown exponentially, spreading from the language of spirituality and psychotherapy to that of science and medicine. Scientific publications on the issue have increased, involving neuro-scientific studies primarily focused on the beneficial effects of forgiveness in the circulatory, immune and nervous systems. Thus a real science of forgiveness.

The International Day of Forgiveness was created with the goal of fostering the understanding of the foregoing process, so that an increasing number of people may benefit from the positive effects that this mindset can produce on multiple levels of experience. We are destined for happiness and neither our talents, nor our charisma or power can reveal who we truly are: only our choices can. This is why great souls always choose Love. This day is an invitation to discover the lost sense of forgiveness: a key by which every heart may open the door to true courage and the healing of relationships, thoughts, emotions, body and soul.