Training offers

The Training offers of Daniel Lumera are focused on the development and deepening of the life and social skills oriented towards an education based on the values of awareness, to help the individual to draw one's own life design in a balanced and healthy way.

Educare alle abilità di vita

The method of the 7 steps of forgiveness

Forgiveness can be considered as one of the social and life skills of the new way of being human and an essential requirement in the leadership of the future.

“The 7 steps of Forgiveness” is a theoretical and practical method made of 7 steps to get to understand the deep impact of forgiveness on individuals, in relationships and in the society.

A full integrated study on forgiveness that touches the biological, vital, emotional, mental , relation, spiritual and aware aspects of the human being.

A path of awareness and self-realization through a method organized in 7 steps. From the vest-seller “The 7 steps of Forgiveness: the science of happiness” arises a training path to qualify as Forgiveness Life Designer

Such path is made of:

  • The 7 steps of Forgiveness: the basic class of introduction that lasts one day.
  • Forgiveness Life Designer: a class of in-depth-analysis made of 4 meetings in a weekend. 

Educare alla Responsabilità individuale

The code of reality

The Code indicates the language through which we organize the reality we live (both internal and external), the kinds of people we meet, the situations that cyclically appear, the ability to be happy and to live in balance.

This training path passes on the method to transform one's own cognitive and perception system and on how to deeply improve the quality of one's own life by acting on what we define as “reality” under different aspects such as: the ability of being happy, the perception, cognitive and behavioural abilities, the relationships, the management of conflicts etc.

The training path includes the self-awareness and self-analysis techniques that allow becoming conscious of one's own potentialities, thus to understand that everyone create their own reality under all the aspects, by meeting a meaning and a deeper more integrated personal and professional goal.

The contents and the methods that are used, stimulate to the experimentation of a deeper state of realization thus facilitating a new model of leadership based in the conscience.

The manipulation dynamics: how the recognize and avoid them

This training on the manipulation uses theoretical concepts and practical methods of the My Life Design applied to reveal the manipulation dynamics and power games.

Its goal is to create a higher level of awareness in the participants by improving the quality of life and the well-being.

Among the main subject matters there are the relation between manipulation and leadership, with the goal to pass on the methods and the practical tools needed to become deeply conscious of the manipulative dynamics that we apply to ourselves and the others (how to relate with manipulative people and with our manipulative dynamics).

The passing of these dynamics creates stable and constructive relationships both in the work and in the personal field.

Educare al Benessere e alla Felicità

Empathy and bioenergetics activation

These tools and techniques of awareness, also included in a CD and in a small booklet, contribute to increase the vital resources, the attention, the perception abilities and influence positively on life quality.

A method that develops a training path on the nature of our own vital energy and on the education towards well-being, happiness and awareness that creates positive and re-balancing effects on different levels: body, vital force, emotions, mind, creativity and conscience.