International Relations

Romanelli Crowther

Tuscan, from Arezzo, completed studies of the humanities in Rome and the School for Parliamentary Interpreters, specializing in Russian and English. Married to the writer-director John Crowther, resided at length in Los Angeles and New York, combining her artistic and theatrical activities with a career in Promotion and International Relations. Collaborated and cultivated relationships with personalities in the world of economy, science, politics and art, among them:

Prof. Carlo Rubbia, Nobel Laureate in Physics: (1986-2000) Responsible for International Press Relations and Promotion for the “Sincrotone of Trieste” (Light Machine), the LEP of Geneva (largest particle accelerator in the world) and the CRS4 (Super Computing Center in Cagliari).

Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, Italy (1984-1995) Deputy Director of International Press Relations, Cultural Outreach, and Fundraising; organized a series of international conferences on the themes of “World Economy” and “The Mediterranean, Crossroads of the World.”

Bank of San Paolo: Responsible for relations between the Bank and its  Special Advisory Board: Arch. Renzo Piano, Prof. Carlo Rubbia, Prof.Rosenberg, Director of The Louvre Museum.

Italian Parliament, House of Deputies (2000-2005) Collaborated on relations with the European Council in matters regarding H H. The Dalai Lama and the Tibet.

Esoforum: (2004-2009) Public Relations and Fundraising for the First European Platform created by Euroscience in collaboration with the Karolinska Institute.

Maestro Giancarlo Menotti: (1984-2002) Fundraising and involvement in Production Responsibilities for theatrical works at the Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds. Activities included adapting English language texts into Italian.

FIA (International Federation of Artists (1998-2002) Responsible for International Relations with the Guild of Italian Artists.

Selex Communications (Finnmeccanica) (2004-2012) Senior Director for International Affairs with Egypt.

Sharing Knowledge Foundation (2000-to the present) Organizing a series of international conferences developed to encourage dialogue among Mediterranean nations, and working to realize concrete projects designed to overcome inequalities existing between all its peoples.

Currently teaching the History of Russian theatre and literature at the Agora Theatre in Rome.